PLA 3.0 Advanced Analysis Workshop for Biological Assays (local & virtual)

While the PLA 3.0 Super User Training focusses mainly on the workflow aspects and basic analysis tasks, the PLA 3.0 Advanced Analysis Workshop for Biological Assays reveals much more in-depth details. We offer this training for a small group. This setting allows us to customize the training agenda to the individual requirements of the participants and to answer your specific questions.

    What are you going to learn?

    The training concept is modular and the agenda depends in some parts on the needs of the attendees.

    • Quantitative Response Assays
      • Response and Dilution Handling
      • Regression Models
      • Potency Estimation
      • ANOVA Models
      • Configuration Optimizer for Parallel-Line Assays
      • Assay and Sample Suitability Tests
    • Combination Calculations
      • Reportable Values from Assay Replicates
      • Simple mean calculation vs. combination calculations
    • Equivalence Margin Development
      • Challenges with Equivalence Margins according to USP <1032>
      • Development of an Equivalence Test System from historic assay data
      • Challenging a developed Equivalence Test System
      • Simulation of acceptable curve shapes
    • Assay Monitoring
      • Control Charts within PLA 3.0
    Who should attend?
    • Bioassay scientists
    • Functional administrators
    • Statisticians
    • Template designers
    • Quality and validation professionals
    • 1 day between 6 and 8 hours
    Where does the training take place?
    • We offer this training local or virtually via GoToTraining
    Who is going to be the trainer?
    • Dr. Ralf Stegmann (CEO)
    • Dr. Matthias Schmitt (Scientific Consultant)
    Participant limit
    • 15
    What about training certificates?
    • Each participant will receive a certificate upon completion of the training (attendance is required).
    Dates & Registration & Price
    Corporate Trainings' possibility
    • We offer the PLA 3.0 Advanced Analysis Workshop for Biological Assays for individual participants, but if you wish to use and discuss confidential material during the training session, we also offer the option for a corporate workshop exclusively for your own company. Read more ...
    Are there trainings for PLA 2.x?
    • No, we are not offering open Advanced Analysis Workshops for Biological Assays for PLA 2.x. If you still use PLA 2.x, we can offer you a corporate training.  


    What Other PLA Users Are Saying About Our Trainings

    "The training was very interactive, the discussions and Ralf’s presentations were very helpful for us to learn the power of PLA3.0 as well as to clarify some misunderstandings about the system and sample suitability assessments. I believe this was very helpful for scientists who don’t have extensive training on statistics to understand better how to use PLA3.0 for their relative potency data processing. Thanks again for a very useful training session."

    Jin Y., Genocea Biosciences


    "The Advanced Analysis Workshop is the excellent training for anyone that is already familiar with the PLA software and wants to use full potential of this great statistic tool."

    K. Weitenthaler