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Updated: September 16, 2020

Get instant answers to the most common questions and learn how to efficiently work with PLA 3.0 and our document packages.

Test the PLA 3.0 trial version

You can evaluate and test PLA 3.0 for 14 days free of charge. The trial version of PLA 3.0 includes all the functionality required to analyze biological assays*.
*Note: When using the trial version, you cannot print out the generated reports.

To download the trial version, please click here.

For details on how to install and test the trial version, please consult our How to guide.

How to test the PLA 3.0 trial version 2020-09-16 PDF

For users with little to no experience in the use of PLA 3.0, we offer a weekly and free of charge webinar, where our experienced instructors guide you through your first steps in PLA 3.0. For details, please click here.

Get Up & Running

Are you new to our PLA 3.0 software? Have a look at our getting started use cases or read our comprehensive Installation and Licensing Guide to dig deeper into the setup of your PLA 3.0 environment.

Getting started with PLA 3.0

Follow the steps in our Getting Started Guide to immediately start working with your PLA 3.0 system. Get to know the document concept and learn how to organize your data using our powerful Navigator.

PLA 3.0 Getting Started Guide 2020-09-16 PDF
Create your first PLA 3.0 database 2020-02-11 Video
Working with documents - Document creation and basic concepts 2020-04-15 Video
Working with documents - The Navigator 2020-04-15 Video
Working with documents - Folder Properties 2020-05-26 Video

Installation and Licensing

Find background information on our installation and licensing process as well as details on how to plan and install your PLA 3.0 system.

PLA 3.0 Installation and Licensing Guide 2020-09-16 PDF
Use case - Activate your PLA 3.0 license 2020-09-16 PDF & Video
Use case - Transfer your PLA license to another computer 2020-04-09 PDF & Video

Support & Learning

Use our comprehensive guides to learn how to efficiently work with the PLA 3.0 platform and its document packages.

PLA 3.0

User Guide 2016-08-01 PDF

Biological Assays Package (Version 26)

Reference Guide 2019-07-19 PDF
Use case - Set up a 96-well plate layout 2020-07-22 PDF

Dose-Response Analysis Package (Technology Preview)

Getting started with Dose-response analysis 2020-03-25 PDF

Measurement Documentation Package (Version 4)

Reference Guide 2015-02-26 PDF

Generic Document Types Package (Version 1)

Reference Guide 2015-02-26 PDF

Administration & Maintenance

Find details about the administration and maintenance of your PLA 3.0 environment.

PLA 3.0 Administration Guide 2017-10-26 PDF

Migrating your PLA 2.x assay data

Use the PLA Migration & Archiving Toolkit to migrate your 2.x databases to a PLA 3.0 environment.

Installation Guide 2019-08-23 PDF
User Guide 2019-08-23 PDF
Reference Guide 2019-08-23 PDF

PLA 2.1

PLA 2.1 Manual 2013-05-16 PDF