Support for PLA 2.0 ends in less than a year

Each major version of PLA has a lifecycle of ten years. We published PLA 2.0 on August 30, 2006. So this version will reach its end of life on August 30, 2016.

This means we will not support PLA 2.0 beyond this date. The software will most certainly still work, but we won't provide bugfixes, updates or any other form of support. The reason for this is that we have to allocate our ressources in the most effective way and cannot support older versions of PLA indefinitely.

Those users who are still working with PLA 2.0 should consider switching to PLA 3.0. Since both versions of PLA can coexist on the same computer, the transition can be gentle. It might make sense to continue using PLA 2.0 for ongoing project (especially for those who are working in regulated environments), while at the same time launching new projects only in PLA 3.0.

Important: Users with a valid PLA Upgrade Protection can switch to PLA 3.0 at no additional cost. All they have to do is use the dongle we sent out and look up their license keys here. For PLA 2.0 customers without a valid PLA Upgrade Protection, we offer a discount for the purchase of PLA 3.0. Just send us an E-Mail and we will gladly give you a quote.

If you have questions about the end of support of PLA 2.0 or the transition to PLA 3.0, please contact our support team.

One additional note: PLA 2.1 is not affected by the end of support for PLA 2.0. These are separate versions of PLA and we will continue to support PLA 2.1 until May 08, 2023.