Video Tutorials for PLA 3.0

The first video will show you how to create and initialize a database in PLA 3.0. 

In the next video, you'll see how to activate your PLA license or extend the trial period if you haven't purchased a license yet.

If you have a single seat license for PLA and a software key, then please watch this video to see how to install this software key.

The following videos will help you set up your first bioassay and explain the use of modules. We created the videos using a previous PLA 3.0 build, but the functionality shown here has not changed.

Europ. Pharmacopoeia Example
Video Tutorial: Setting up your first bioassay with PLA 3.0.
PLA Module Installation Video
Learn how to install Modules into PLA 3.0.
PLA Data Acquisition Tutorial Video
See how to easily acquire bioassay data from other sources.
PLA Document Import Tutorial Video
Here we show how to import documents from CombiStats.