Control Charts (Monitoring)

The Control Chart document type in PLA 3.0 allows the monitoring of different parameters of your bioassay. Define any number of monitoring parameters and different limits to keep your assay under control. The data flows from the individual runs into the control charts automatically.

The Control Chart document can be used in two ways:

  • You can edit or import data from any source, allowing you to use the monitor chart universally.
  • Or you can directly aggregate the corresponding data from your calculation results as required in regulated environments.

Compliant Data Aggregation

With the control chart document you can monitor your biological assays in a compliant manner. No manual input in spreadsheets or other programs is required.

Limit Definitions

Set up any number of limits for your control chart and assign severities to the limits (e.g. warning limits, error limits). You will receive a report stating the limit violations. In addition to this any limit can be assigned to a date range, allowing your limits to vary e.g. when your assay system changes.