Administration & Maintenance

Find details on the setup and maintenance of databases, learn about user accounts, access rights, and security contexts.

Databases store all your documents and hold data such as user accounts, security contexts, signatures, and audit trails. Learn how to set up, monitor, and maintain PLA 3.0 databases in a compliant manner.

The modular approach of PLA 3.0, based on a combination of framework and add-ons, allows for easy extensibility. The PLA 3.0 Framework provides the features you need to achieve regulatory compliance. PLA 3.0 add-ons provide the analytical methods your users require. Learn how to install add-ons and make their functionality available to the users of particular PLA 3.0 databases.

PLA 3.0 provides the features you need to control access to your data in a sophisticated and compliant manner. It combines role-based user rights with resource-based permissions. Learn how to set up users, groups, security contexts, and more.

For details on the administration of PLA 3.0 in general, please consult the PLA 3.0 Administration Guide.

You need to complete a specific task? Have a look at the following topics. They provide links to common use cases.

You want to install PLA 3.0 for the first time or test the PLA 3.0 trial version in your environment? Please go to Installation.

You want to update a previous PLA 3.0 version? Please go to Update.

License activation & Transfer
You want to activate your PLA 3.0 license in your environment or transfer an existing license to another computer? Please go to License activation & Transfer.

You work with PLA 2.1 or PLA 2.0 and want to upgrade to PLA 3.0.6 without losing valuable assay data? Please have a look at our PLA 3.0 Migration and Archiving Toolkit.

Use our PLA 3.0 Validation Package to qualify your PLA 3.0 software on your target computer system, compliant with GAMP. For details, please go to PLA 3.0 Validation Package.