Administration & Maintenance

Find details about how to administrate user accounts, access rights, security contexts, and databases in PLA 3.0.

Transferring your license to another computer

PLA 3.0 licenses are tied to the computer to which you apply the license file. Before you change the name, hardware, or operating system of this computer, you have to temporarily transfer the license to a different computer.

Updating to PLA 3.0.5

Do you work with PLA 3.0.4, PLA 3.0.3, or an older PLA 3.0 version? Update your environment to PLA 3.0.5 to benefit from the latest innovations and improvements.

  • Updating to PLA 3.0.5 (How-to Guide)
  • Migrating your PLA 3.0 database to version 3.0.5 (Video)

Note: With an active PLA Support Contract, you can update to PLA 3.0.5 free of charge. 

Migrating your PLA 2.x assay data

Do you work with PLA 2.1 or PLA 2.0 and want to migrate to PLA 3.0 without losing valuable assay data?

Use our PLA 3.0 Migration and Archiving Toolkit to migrate your 2.x databases to a PLA 3.0 environment. Read more...