PLA 3.0 Migration and Archiving Toolkit

Current version: 1.1, Release date: August 23, 2019


When upgrading from PLA 2.x to PLA 3.0, migrating your assays without losing valuable data is an essential step. To support you during this process, we provide the PLA 3.0 Migration and Archiving Toolkit.

The Toolkit offers a set of add-ons, each designed to support you in completing a specific task within the migration process:


Use the following add-ons to create an archive of your PLA 2.x data within your PLA 3.0 environment:

  • PLA 2.x Archiving Assistant. This add-on prepares your PLA 2.x data for migration. It calculates a specific project or all projects of your PLA 2.x database.
  • PLA 2.x Archive Import Module. The PLA 3.0 counterpart to the PLA 2.x Archiving Assistant reads the archived assays, prepared by the PLA 2.x Archiving Assistant, and imports them into the PLA 3.0 database.
  • PLA 2.x Archive Package: Defines the storage structures and delivers the document types required for setting up a PLA 2.x archive within PLA 3.0.


Synchronize your data between the PLA 2.x source environment and the PLA 3.0 target environment. The Toolkit supports a one-time transfer of data as well as repeated transfers. In the latter case, the selected data is transferred in an initial run. In subsequent runs, only new or updated assays are exported from PLA 2.x, and only new, updated, or missing information is imported into PLA 3.0.

  • Use the PLA 2.x Archive Package add-on to set up the synchronization process.


Transfer your PLA 2.x data structures to PLA 3.0 Quantitative response assays.

  • The PLA 2.x Migration Package add-on provides the actions to migrate archived documents. When you migrate, a new document is created. The process never touches the original data.


Requalify your existing methods by comparing the results of the migrated PLA 3.0 Quantitative response assays with the results in your PLA 2.x assay archive.

  • The PLA 2.x Comparison Package allows you to compare migrated data with the original assay archive documents.