Migration and Archiving Toolkit

Current version: 1.1, Release date: August 23, 2019


Use our PLA 3.0 Migration and Archiving Toolkit to migrate your 2.x databases to a PLA 3.0 environment. To support you during this process, the toolkit provides the following functions:

  • Use the PLA 2.x Archiving Assistant to prepare your PLA 2.x data for migration. The assistant calculates a specific project or all projects of your PLA 2.x database.

Use the following add-ons in your PLA 3.0.5 environment to migrate your assay data:

  • The PLA 2.x Archive Import Module is the counterpart for the PLA 2.x Archiving Assistant. Behaving like an import module, this package reads the archived assays, prepared by the PLA 2.x Archiving Assistant, into the PLA 3.0 database.
  • The PLA 2.x Archive Package defines the storage structures and delivers the document types that are required for setting up a PLA 2.x archive within PLA 3.0. It does not contain further functionality.
  • The PLA 2.x Comparison Package allows you to compare migrated data with the original PLA 2.x Assay archive document. The comparison process is performed using the PLA 2.x Assay comparison document or the PLA 2.x Bulk comparison document.
  • The PLA 2.x Migration Package provides the actions to migrate archived documents, using the PLA 2.x Assay archive document and the PLA 2.x Project synchronization document.