Get up & Running

This area provides a variety of resources to help you with your first steps in PLA 3.0.

Deployment scenarios

You can deploy PLA 3.0 in a variety of scenarios, depending on your system environment and business model. For details, please go to Deployment scenarios.

Installing PLA 3.0

Typically, the first step is to install the PLA 3.0 software. After installation, you activate your license (not required for the trial version) and connect to a database. Once PLA 3.0 is running, you activate the add-ons that should be available. The following topics provide details on each step.

For more details on the basic concepts of the PLA 3.0 installation and licensing process as well as background information on how to plan and complete your PLA 3.0 installation, please consult the PLA 3.0 Installation and Licensing Guide.

Working with PLA 3.0

Work with the Navigator to create documents and organize them in folders and subfolders. For details, please consult the following resources:

To learn more about how to work with PLA 3.0, please go to Support & Learning.