Get up & Running

All you need to know to get PLA 3.0.5 up and running.

Are you new to PLA 3.0?

Get PLA 3.0.5 up and running in your environment in just three steps.

  1. Install PLA 3.0 on a local system. (How-to Guide)
  2. Activate your PLA 3.0 license using a software key. (How-to Guide) & (Video)
    Note: Skip this step for the PLA 3.0 trial version.
  3. Create your first PLA 3.0 database. (How-to Guide) & (Video)

Note: The above steps cover the installation on a local system using a local database. For help on how to deploy PLA 3.0.5 in other scenarios or how to use a hardware key, please consult the Installation and Licensing Guide under 'Installing and licensing PLA 3.0'.

How to get started with PLA 3.0

Activate the PLA 3.0 add-ons you want to use and work with the Navigator to create documents and organize them in folders and subfolders.

Add-ons provide extensions such as document types, report templates, data acquisition modules, and customer-specific modules. To make the functionality of an add-on available for use, you have to activate it in the database. (How-to Guide)

PLA 3.0 stores all your data in electronic documents. Documents are stored in a database and displayed in a folder structure. They are structured to suit specific applications, represented by document types. Learn how to efficiently work with documents in PLA 3.0.

To learn more about document setup and management, add-ons, and data input and templates, please go to 'Support & Learning'.

Testing PLA 3.0

To test PLA 3.0 in your environment, we provide a trial version you can install and use for 14 days free of charge.

The trial version of PLA 3.0 includes all the functionality required to analyze biological assays. To continue testing after the trial period has elapsed, you have to request an extension of your trial period.

Note: When using the trial version, you cannot print out generated reports.

Installing and licensing PLA 3.0

You can deploy PLA 3.0 in a variety of scenarios, depending on your system environment and business model. Find details on the supported scenarios as well as additional information about our licensing process.

Do you need to transfer your PLA license to another computer? PLA 3.0 licenses are tied to the computer to which you apply the license file. Before you change the name, hardware, or operating system of this computer, you have to temporarily transfer the license to a different computer. (How-to Guide) & (Video)

Updating to PLA 3.0.5

Do you work with PLA 3.0.4, PLA 3.0.3, or an older PLA 3.0 version? Update your environment to PLA 3.0.5 to benefit from the latest innovations and improvements.

  • Updating to PLA 3.0.5 (How-to Guide)
  • Migrating your PLA 3.0 database to version 3.0.5 (Video)

Note: With an active PLA Support Contract, you can update to PLA 3.0.5 free of charge.