Add-ons are a part of the modular concept of PLA 3.0. PLA 3.0 add-ons allow you to easily extend your work environment with new features. They are responsible for statistical features and other functions and provide extensions such as document types, report templates, data acquisition modules, and customer-specific modules.

The underlying PLA 3.0 framework is responsible for the integrity and reliability of measurement data. It provides security features employing user accounts, roles, and permissions. It also offers strong validation features for Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification.

Working with add-ons

Employ the 'Add-on management' feature to manage your add-ons from within PLA 3.0. Activate the add-ons you want to use and add sample documents and templates.

Request trial versions or quotes for add-ons not yet included in your license or deactivate add-ons you no longer require. Get an overview of available upgrades and migrate to a higher add-on version with just a few clicks. For more details, please consult the »How-to Guide« Working with add-ons.