Please find below details on how to install a licensed verion of PLA 3.0.

You are looking for the PLA 3.0 trial version? We put together a few resources for you to get started.
For details, please consult the Get the PLA 3.0 trial version up and running »Getting Started Guide«.

Before starting the installation, make sure your system meets the requirements. For details, please go to System requirements.

To install a licensed version of PLA 3.0 in you environment, start with downloading the required setup files from our Download Center.

  • The PLA 3.0.7 setup file installs the PLA 3.0 framework that is responsible for the integrity and reliability of measurement data and provides security features.
  • The PLA License System setup file installs the PLA License Key Manager and the PLA License Control Center applications. You use these applications during the licensing process.

Install the PLA 3.0 framework on all computers on which you intend to run PLA 3.0. Install the PLA License System on the computer or license server that should hold the PLA 3.0 license.
In this example, the PLA 3.0 framework is installed on a local computer, the PLA License System on a license server. The actual distribution of components depends on your deployment scenario. For details, please go to Deployment scenarios.

You want to set up PLA 3.0 on a computer without internet connection? This requires additional manual steps. For details, please consult the Get PLA 3.0 up and running in an offline environment »Getting Started Guide«.