Please find below details on the PLA 3.0 licensing solution.

Licensing option

The licensing option determines the number of users who can access PLA 3.0 at the same time. A Seat license can be used by only one user at a time. A Concurrent use license allows several users simultaneous access. All PLA 3.0 licensing options can be used in connection with SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server databases. For details, please go to Deployment scenarios.

Information package

Information packages play a central role in the installation and licensing process. They contain all data relevant to get PLA 3.0 up and running in your environment.

Your PLA 3.0 license is identified by a unique, 5-digit, serial number. Your information package is specific to this serial number.


It contains the PLA 3.0 license, required to run the PLA 3.0 framework, and a set of license keys, required to run your PLA 3.0 add-ons.


If you hold several PLA 3.0 licenses, you receive separate serial numbers and information packages for each license.

License activation

To activate your PLA 3.0 license, you install a software key on the computer or license server that should hold the PLA 3.0 license. Activating the PLA 3.0 license automatically activates the license keys for your add-ons. 

We recommend software keys for license activation.
For details on legacy hardware keys, please consult the PLA 3.0 Installation and Licensing Guide.

Managing licenses

The PLA 3.0 licensing solution is flexible. For example, you can:

  • Increase the number of concurrent users in your environment (license update)
  • Replace a hardware or hardlock key with a software key
  • Switch from a Seat to a Concurrent use license (cross-upgrade)
  • Transfer your license (temporarily or permanently)

PLA 3.0 licenses are tied to the computer on which you activate the license. If you want to reinstall the operating system of the computer that holds the license, replace the hard drive, rename the computer, or retire the computer, you have to transfer the license to a different computer before starting any of these actions.