You want to update a previous PLA 3.0 version to PLA 3.0.6? Have a look at the details below.

Note that with an active PLA Support Contract, you can update to PLA 3.0.6 free of charge. If you do not have an active Support Contract, please contact our Sales team at sales@bioassay.de.

For details on the system requirements for PLA 3.0.6, please go to System requirements. For help on the update steps, please consult the »How-to Guide« Updating to PLA 3.0.6  or watch the »Tutorial video« Migrate your PLA 3.0 database to PLA 3.0.5 or higher.

Before updating your PLA 3.0 version, make sure you back up your PLA 3.0 databases.


  • To make your PLA 3.0 databases available for PLA 3.0.6 installations, you need to upgrade them to the PLA 3.0.6 scheme. The process is not reversible. After the upgrade, only PLA 3.0.6 installations can access the upgraded database. We highly recommend you perform a database maintenance run afterwards.

  • PLA 3.0.6 does not contain any default add-ons. You manually need to active the add-ons that should be available in your database.

  • If you decide to upgrade your data analysis add-ons, document structure upgrades might be required. For example, after you upgrade the Biological Assay Package add-on, you need to upgrade the documents you want to recalculate with the updated mathematical routines. We recommend upgrading the documents directly without creating new copies. For security reasons, the latter is the default in the upgrade process. If you copy documents that are used for data aggregration, remember to also upgrade the references.

  • If you use Biological Assay Package version 24 or higher, control charts may require redefinitions. Please verify the correct behavior of your control charts.

  • Control charts are now available in the new Control Chart Package add-on. The Control chart document type will be removed as of Biological Assay Package version 27.

  • As of PLA 3.0.5, Data Acquisition Modules are also delivered in the form of add-ons. PLA 3.0.6 requires new versions of the Data Acquisition Module add-ons. To make them available for use, you need to activate them in your database. A separate distribution of Data Acquisition Modules by Stegmann Systems is no longer required.