You want to update a previous PLA 3.0 version to PLA 3.0.7?
Update to PLA 3.0.7 and migrate your database to the respective scheme.

Note that with an active PLA Support Contract, you can update to PLA 3.0.7 free of charge. If you do not have an active Support Contract, please contact our Sales team at sales@bioassay.de.

For details on the system requirements for PLA 3.0.6, please go to System requirements. For help on the update steps, please consult the Updating to PLA 3.0.7 »How-to Guide« or watch the Migrate your PLA 3.0 database to PLA 3.0.5 or higher »Tutorial Video«.

Before updating your PLA 3.0 version, make sure you back up your PLA 3.0 databases.