PLA 3.0.5 - Our latest version

PLA 3.0 has seen major innovations and improvements. We introduce the Dose-Response Analysis Package add-on you can activate and manage using our new Add-on management. We also implemented numerous usability and performance improvements.

What's New in PLA 3.0.5?

Dose-Response Analysis Package: This new add-on offers various biostatistical methods for immunoassays, ELISA, and more. You can perform equivalence testing and develop equivalence margins for calibration curves. (What's New Guide)

Add-on management: The PLA 3.0 platform itself now has a new Add-on management which keeps you always up to date and provides an easy way to access software extensions. (What's New Guide)
New dashboard: Stay informed about new developments and events around PLA 3.0.

Usability improvements: If you already work with PLA 3.0, you will notice numerous improvements that enhance usability. (What's New Guide)