PLA 3.0.6 - Our latest version

PLA 3.0 has seen major innovations and improvements.

What's New in PLA 3.0.6?

Management of electronic data: PLA 3.0.6 offers extensive innovations for the management of electronic data in the form of attachments, barcodes, and print profiles. The Attachments editor allows you to view and manage document attachments. Use barcodes for convenient exchange of document data and to organize your database. Set up print profiles for the formats PNG, JPEG, GIF, and PDF and use them when printing reports, attachments, and barcodes.

Database navigation: You can now find and directly open electronic documents from anywhere in the database. The new Document properties dialog provides general information such as the document type, creation date, and details on signatures. Use this dialog to access the property keys of your document and the document's barcode label.

Extended support features: Integrated dialogs now allow you to update your registration information, request support, or send feedback directly in PLA 3.0. Use the Registration option to update your registration information. Use the Support request and Send feedback options to send your message directly in PLA 3.0. Attach documents to your message and generate a draft e-mail, or save your message as a file on your local machine for later use.

For details on these improvements, please consult the What's New for PLA 3.0.6 Guide or go to the Get up & Running, Support & Learning, and Administration & Maintenance areas where you will find updated content for the PLA 3.0.6 version.