PLA 3.0.7 - Our latest version

PLA 3.0 has seen major innovations and improvements.

User experience

  • Refined keyboard shortcuts to conveniently access all parts of the UI
  • Improved help texts in documents and dialogs
  • Optimized trial user experience with more information about the current trial status, trial extension options, and the quote request


Software capabilities

  • Refined grouping of creatable elements in documents to easily identify how settings are related to each other
  • Increased capabilities for add-ons, which are developed for PLA 3.0.7



  • Support of Microsoft® Always-On Cluster feature for Microsoft® SQL server databases
  • Support of legacy document export formats
  • Enhanced performance regarding the usage of system memory

For details on these improvements, watch our What's New Video, or go to Support & Learning and Administration & Maintenance where you will find updated content for the PLA 3.0.7 version.