Biological Assay Package

Current version: 26 (build 1043), Release date: May 17, 2019


The Biological Assay Package add-on organizes data, processes, and results in documents. It provides various document types that broadly correspond to the following three functional areas:

  • Assay documents (Quantitative response assays and Dichotomous assays)
  • Advanced calculations (Combination of assay results and Equivalence margin development)
  • Supporting documents (Basic bioassay protocol, Control chart, and Test system definition)

Each document type is designed to support you in the completion of a specific task, such as a statistical calculation or the documentation of an assay.
The Biological Assay Package supports the following analytical methods:

  • Parallel-line assays
  • Nonlinear quantitative response assays
  • Slope-ratio assays
  • Dichotomous assays