Biological Assay Simulation Package

Current version: Technical Preview for version 1 (build 24), Release date: June 20, 2021, Available as of: PLA 3.0.6


The Biological Assay Simulation Package allows you to create simulated assays containing artificial data. Using simulated assays, you can gain new insights into the behavior of your existing assays, explore specific scenarios such as changes in measurement precision, assay drift or alternative assay suitability tests systems. Simulations can be based on assays already present in your database, or can be created from scratch.  

For details on this add-on, please consult the Getting Started Guide.

Document types

The Biological Assay Simulation Package provides the following document types:

QRA Simulator

Use the QRA simulator document type to simulate measurements and create a Quantitative response assay document containing artificial data. This document type allows you to configure the generation of simulated data by selecting a dose sequence, model parameters, and measurement variance. It also assists you in setting up the document in that you can read existing templates, single assays, or groups of assays.

QRA Collector

The QRA collector document type aggregates and analyzes a group of Quantitative response assay documents. Use this document type as an input for a QRA simulator document to create simulated assays that resemble the assays included in the QRA collector document.