Dichotomous Assay Package

Current version: 1.0.0 (build 23), Release date: July 04, 2022


Use the Dichotomous Assay Package to set up quantal response assays or binary assays. Calculate relative potencies of Test samples based on binary input values, such as the fraction of specimen that exhibits one of two possible responses. Provide information on the stock solutions or raw materials and determine absolute potencies based on several types of calculations.


Dichotomous assays

Dichotomous assays (quantal response assays or binary assays) are biological dilution assays based on a binary outcome. They analyze data you collect in binary form: Of a total number of specimen (n), a measurable number of specimen (m) shows a specified response while the rest does not show this response. You provide both n and m for analysis.

Dichotomous assays in PLA 3.0 require at least one Standard sample (reference) and one Test or Control sample to calculate the potency. Use preparation schemes to define preparations once and assign them to as many assay elements as you like, and set up suitability tests to check the validity of calculations every time they are performed.

Calculate a dichotomous assay document once you have completely set up the document and view the resulting plots on the document Dashboard.