Effective-concentration calculation (EC50)

Calculate the effective concentration (for example EC50) of your sample in the concentrations you require by adding additional calculations.

Note: Effective concentrations are always calculated for all multi-dose Test samples.

Defining EC values

Go to Analysis > Additional calculations and add one Effective concentration element for each EC value you want to calculate.

This image shows the definition of EC percentiles EC05, EC20, EC50, EC80, and EC95 using additional calculations:


The examples are based on the Dose-Response Analysis Package sample document 'Effective concentrations (ECx)'.

Regression plot for a Test sample

This regression plot visualizes the concentration calculations for the CURVE 3 Test sample. For this Test sample, the stock solution is prepared by diluting 40g of source material to 0.5l. The source material has a concentration of 100 IU/g.

Calculation results

This excerpt of a document report shows the effective concentration calculations for the CURVE 3 Test sample.