Interpolation analysis

Plot the observation data of the Standard sample and the Test samples, calculate the standard curve, and determine the unknown concentration by interpolation on this curve.


The examples are based on the Dose-Response Analysis Package sample documents 'Linear calibration curve (enhanced response data processing)' and '4PL calibration curve'.

Interpolation plot and results for a single Test sample

This excerpt of a document report shows results for Test sample TST4, with response data being adjusted by a fixed value of '1'. The report was created for the 'Linear calibration curve (enhanced response data processing)' sample document.

Interpolation plot for a group of Test samples

This excerpt of a document report shows results for Test samples TST1, TST5, and TST8. Response values are interpolated on a calibration curve. The interpolation results are displayed in a data plot and as a table.

To create this report, the '4PL calibration curve' sample document has been enhanced as follows:

  • For better readability of the resulting interpolation plot, a subgroup has been added to the sample document, with the three Test sample being assigned to it.

  • An additional Sample suitability test has been defined for the samples in the subgroup.

  • An additional predilution factor has been assigned to Test sample TST8, resulting in the calculated working concentration and the calculated absolute concentration to differ from each other by this factor.