Configuration & Qualification

Learn about the scenarios in which you can deploy PLA 3.0, and how to perform IQ, OQ, and PQ scenarios.

Working with databases

PLA 3.0 databases store all your data and also hold information such as user accounts and audit trail information. When logging in to PLA 3.0, you connect to a specific database, which sets your work environment for the session.

User-specific settings

Learn how to customize your PLA 3.0 installation to adapt it to your requirements.

Deployment & Requirements

Find background information on the scenarios in which you can deploy PLA 3.0, on system requirements and database types, and learn about the available licensing options.

Qualifying your system

PLA 3.0 supports the automatic Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Qualification using your own data (Performance Qualification, PQ).

Use the PLA 3.0 Validation Packaget to qualify your PLA 3.0 software on the target computer system, compliant with GAMP. For details, please go to 'PLA 3.0 Validation Package'.