Data analysis

PLA 3.0 supports a wide variety of methods for biostatistical analysis. To access a method, activate the respective add-on in your PLA 3.0 system, and start to develop your assay using the provided document types.

Biological Assay Package

The Biological Assay Package add-on organizes data, processes, and results in documents. It provides various document types that broadly correspond to the functional areas of assay documents, advanced calculations, and supporting documents.
For details, please go to Biological Assay Package.

bioMérieux Endotoxin Detection Assay Package

The bioMérieux Endotoxin Detection Assay Package allows you to perform endotoxin testing based on recombinant factor C (rFC), a synthetic alternative to naturally sourced reagents derived from horseshoe crabs, as offered by the bioMérieux company.
For details, please go to bioMérieux Endotoxin Detection Assay Package.

Control Chart Package

The Control Chart Package allows sophisticated statistical process control (for example, by plotting Shewhart I-Charts as recommended in the USP <1010>) and also provides a set of visualization options to fine-tune your statistical process control mechanisms.
For details, please go to Control Chart Package.

Dichotomous Assay Package

Use the Dichotomous Assay Package to set up quantal response assays or binary assays. Calculate relative potencies of Test samples based on binary input values, such as the fraction of specimen that exhibits one of two possible responses.
For details, please go to Dichotomous Assay Package.

Dose-Response Analysis Package

The Dose-Response Analysis Package provides various biostatistical methods for immunoassays, ELISA, and more. It supports you in investigating equivalence for calibration curves, provides enhanced data processing, and options for subgroup analysis.
For details, please go to Dose-Response Analysis Package.

Microbial Assays for Antibiotics Package

The Microbial Assays for Antibiotics Package supports various methods, that is, cylinder-plate, turbidimetric, and combination of microbial assays. It enables you to closely follow the guidelines laid out in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP <81>) and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP 4.02).
For details, please go to Microbial Assays for Antibiotics Package.

We also provide a range of add-ons that support you in your daily work. For details, please go to Supporting add-ons.