Document setup & Management

Learn how to work with documents, set up folder structures, and efficiently work with the Content editor.

Working with documents

PLA 3.0 stores all your data in electronic documents.  Learn how to create documents and efficiently work with the Navigator, a central element of the PLA 3.0 user interface.

  • Working with PLA 3.0 documents (How-to Guide)
  • Document creation and basic concepts (Video)
  • The Navigator (Video)

Organizing documents

Create folders and subfolders to organize your documents and to set up a folder structure that suits your needs. Move, copy and delete folders and documents to adapt your folder structure if required.

Working with the Content editor

PLA 3.0 provides several views on documents and their data, which you access in distinct editors. The Content editor is the main editor for all document types and opens by default when you open a document.

Document actions

PLA 3.0 provides a set of actions you can perform on documents and document data. Learn how to calculate documents, create reports, and apply electronic signatures.