Supporting add-ons

We provide a range of add-ons you can use, for example, to speed up your daily processes, migrate your data from an earlier PLA version, or export data from PLA 3.0 to another system.

The following tools are available as commercial off-the-shelf add-ons:

Biological Assay Simulation Package (Technology Preview): Use this add-on to create simulated assays containing artificial data and gain new insights into the behavior of your existing assays. For details, please go to Biological Assay Simulation Package.

Generic Document Types: Use the Generic Document Types add-on to document general information. For details, please go to Generic Document Types.

Integration Report Package: Use the Integration Report Package to export results from Quantitative response assay documents and Combination of assay results documents into file formats such as CSV, INI, and XML. For details, please go to Integration Report Package.


Measurement Documentation: The Measurement Documentation add-on allows you to document different aspects of your measurement in a central place, and link the information to the related assay documents. For details, please go to Measurement Documentation.

PLA 3.0 Migration and Archiving Toolkit: Use the Migration and Archiving Toolkit to migrate your 2.x databases to a PLA 3.0 environment. For details, please go to PLA 3.0 Migration and Archiving Toolkit.

Split Assay Package: Use the Split Assay Package to split Quantitative response assays with more than one Test sample into their respective 1-on-1 assays. For details, please go to Split Assay Package.