Folder Properties

In this video we explain the options PLA folders provide to help you configure your database.
Versions: PLA 3.0 (all versions)

Additional resources for this tutorial

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  • The content and configuration of this database resemble the tutorial database after completion of all steps in the 'Folder Properties' video
  • The database has all folder property configurations, documents, and templates you create over the course of the video


  • Response values used in the tutorial example

About this database

Two users are set up in the database:

  • The 'Administrator' has all permissions
  • The 'Associate research scientist' has some permissions to work with documents in the '...Example' folder

The password for both users is empty.

This database is for testing purposes only - do not use it in production environments!

Connecting to the database
  1. In the Login window, click Tools.
  2. From the drop-down list, select Database management.
  3. In the PLA Database Management dialog, click Add...
  4. In the Database connection management wizard, select the Standard mode option and click Next >.
  5. Select Connect to existing database. Then, from the Type drop-down list select SQLite and click Next >.
  6. In the Properties table, click the tutorial database entry in the Value column to display an ellipsis button which allows you to navigate to the database file.
  7. In the file selection dialog, select the database file Tutorial database - Folder Properties.s3db and confirm the dialog.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. In the PLA Database Management dialog, click Connect.
  10. In the Login window, log in as Administrator or Associate Research Scientist with an empty password.