New Tecan Magellan® Data Acquisition Module

PLA 3.0 Data Acquisition Module for Tecan Magellan® Updated to Support SparkControl Software

We released a new version of the Tecan Magellan® Data Acquisition Module for PLA 3.0. It allows the import of measurement values from Tecan Magellan® 6.60 and higher and Tecan SparkControl Magellan® 2.2 and higher. Supported file formats are *.wsp and *.mth.

Please contact to request a quote. Users who bought the Tecan Magellan® Data Acquisition Module before and kept their PLA Support Contract active can get the new version free of charge.

We also offer PLA 3.0 add-ons for many other plate readers, fully traceable and GxP compliant, of course. We currently support these sources:

  • GE Healthcare Biacore T100/T200™
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. Bio-Plex®
  • Microsoft Excel™
  • BioTek Instruments Gen5™ Data Analysis Software
  • Molecular Devices SoftMax® Pro 3.x - 7.x
  • Tecan Magellan® Standard and Tracker
  • BioTeK Instruments KC4™ Data Analysis Software
  • Becton Dickinson Biosciences Attractors™
  • Hamilton Robotics Microlab FAME™ Software
  • Meso Scale Discovery WORKBENCH® Software
  • Labsystems Inc. Genesis™ Software
  • Mikrotek Laborsysteme GmbH MikroWin 2000™
  • PerkinElmer VICTOR™
  • PerkinElmer EnVision™ software
  • Tecan easy WIN basic™ software
  • Dynex Technologies Revelation™
  • PerkinElmer TopCount®
  • Anthos Labtec WinRead™
  • DEMOS Computer GmbH SeroCalc™ Analysis Software

If your plate reader is not listed above, please send us one of your files and we’ll figure out, how to import it into PLA 3.0. We can import text and CSV files in general and we develop modules for other sources on demand.