PLA 3.0.4 SR6 (build 762) and Biological Assay Package 25 (build 999) are available - download now!

We are pleased to announce the release of PLA 3.0.4. SR6 (build 762) as well as the Biological Assay Package 25 (build 999). You can download both right here on our website.

The new Biological Assay Package 25 (build 999) is available as a separate download. We recommend updating your PLA to version to 3.0.4 SR6 (build 762) before you install this package.

If you are working with Equivalence Margin Development in PLA 3.0, you will find the new Biological Assay Package particularly useful. We completely revised the Equivalence Margin Development functionality. We also added new statistical tests to the Quantitative Response Assay Document. Plus, we created a new document type "Tests System Document (Quantitative Response Assay)", which enables you to transfer test systems developed with the Equivalence Margin Development into quantitative response assays.

SR6 (build 762) is a new build of PLA 3.0.4. It is an updated version which fixes a few technical problems introduced with the initial PLA 3.0.4. It does not modify capabilities of the system. It is, however, recommended for Biological Assay Package 25 (build 999) which contains a number of interesting improvements. 

You will find a complete list of changes and fixes in the release notes.

As usual, those who have an active PLA Support Contract will be able to download and install PLA 3.0.4 SR6 (build 762) free of charge. Please visit the download section of our website. For those without active PLA Support Contract, please send us an e-mail and request a quote: Also, you can install a fully-functional trial version of PLA 3.0.4 SR6 (build 762) and try it out before you buy.

We hope you will enjoy working with the new version. If you have any question about PLA, please contact our support team.