Statistical process control with PLA 3.0

How to perform statistical process control with your assays?

Our newly released Control Chart Package allows sophisticated statistical process control (for example, by plotting Shewhart I-Charts as recommended in the USP <1010>.

Detect out-of-control data by defining upper / lower control limits and control rules (Western Electric, Nelson, and user-defined). A status display provides feedback about the impact of a rule violation. Optional features include events to mark changes in the process, sidecharts to contain basic statistics in a box plot, the creation of subcharts for a specific range, and confidence intervals. Moreover, a secondary column can be used to factorize the data series, for example, by an operator. Aggregate directly from independent assay runs or from manual input.

You would like to try the Control Chart Package? If you use PLA 3.0.6, just activate the add-on in your Add-on management (How to activate?). Otherwise, please download (Link) a fully functional PLA 3.0.6 Trial Version. Our would you like to see some plots or watch the 'What's new in the Control Chart Package' video, please click.