Comparing your assay results

The feature to compare migrated assays with the original data in PLA 2.x is necessary because there are small differences in the calculations between PLA 2.x and PLA 3.0. These small differences may or may not lead to small deviations in your assays. But with the PLA Migration & Archiving Toolkit, you’ll be on top of this.

It works like this: The new comparison package compares the original calculation results of the PLA 2.x assays with those produced by PLA 3.0 using the migrated assays as input. It then generates a report pointing out the differences (if any) between the calculation results of PLA 2.x and PLA 3.0. This can be done for a single assay or in bulk.

The report gives evidence that the PLA 3.0 method produces the same results as PLA 2.x and serves as input for fine-tuning your PLA 3.0 method. In fact, for many users, this feature alone is worth the entire price of the product.

This way, the program also makes the re-qualification process of previously qualified methods in PLA 3.0 faster and easier, saving you plenty of time and effort.

Below you'll see an example of a single assay comparison report (left) and a bulk comparison report (right). Please click to enlarge.