PLA 2.1

PLA 2.1 has been released 2013 as a successor of the PLA 2.0 software. It is the first version supporting the new USP Chapters on Biological Assays <1032>, <1033> and <1034>

Current Status: On sale, Supported
Latest Version: PLA 2.1 (build 605) | 2019/08/23

For a list of changes and fixes please see the release notes.


Release Date 8 May 2013
End of Sales 8 May 2020
End of Life (Support) 8 May 2023

Ready for the next generation of bioassay analysis?

Then take a look at PLA 3.0. You can download a fully functional version of PLA 3.0 and try it free of charge for 14 days. Get started now.

If you purchased an earlier version of PLA and your PLA Support Contract is still active, you can upgrade to PLA 3.0 free of charge. Your license keys have already been generated. Simply download PLA 3.0, install it and download your license keys.