Device-independent Data Acquisition

With PLA, you are always free to choose the supplier of your lab equipment. PLA is able to connect with virtually any data acquisition system. All you need is a small add-on: a data acquisition module. We currently provide data acquisition modules for many reader systems and file formats. They enable you to work with a completely compliant data acquisition process.

The most popular modules:

  • Text Data Acquisition Module: allows you to import data from structured text formats. The module comes with many configuration options allowing nearly every data format.
  • Microsoft Excel (tm) Data Acquisition Module: this data acquisition module is capable of importing Microsoft Excel (tm) files. You are free to select the sheet and position of your data inside the Excel file.
  • Molecular Devices SoftmaxPro (tm) Data Acquisition Module: This module allows you to import your SoftmaxPro files.
  • Tecan Magellan (tm) / Tecan Tracker (tm)
  • GE Biacore (tm)
  • BioTek Gen5 (tm)

Overall, we have more than 40 data acquisition modules available. Are you unsure, whether your data source is supported? Take a look at this list or ask our support team to find out!

Your Data Remains Fully Traceable

Every single data value imported through one of our data acquisition modules is fitted with full traceability information:

  • Timestamp of Acquisition
  • User
  • Orginal value

You may configure this data traceability according to your needs. The modules allow you to implement data traceability policies as well, defining what can be changed and optionally requiring electronic signatures for authorization. With PLA, you will never lose track of your data's source.