Bring Your Entire PLA Team Up to Speed With a Corporate PLA Training

We do offer PLA 3.0 Super User Trainings for individuals, but when you would like to train an entire team and/or would like to discuss confidential material, it makes more sense to book an inhouse Corporate Training. This will make for a highly effective training and give you the most value for your money.

At our larger customers, it is usually a team, not just individuals, working with the PLA software. The combined knowledge and skills of the team members will translate directly into the quality of results. In many teams, however, you’ll find a situation in which the skills and experience of the team members differ greatly. It might then seem tempting to resolve this situation internally by encouraging the experienced team members to train the less experienced ones.

The smarter solution by far is to reduce the knowledge gap between the most and the least experienced team members by training the entire team together and bringing in knowledge from our PLA experts.

For these Corporate Trainings, we will send a trainer to your company site to give your team a customized PLA training. Right now, we have two PLA trainers, Dr. Ralf Stegmann (our CEO) and Dr. Matthias Schmitt (one of our scientific consultants). Both know the software inside out. In fact, it would be quite difficult finding someone who knows more about PLA than these two. Your PLA team will benefit substantially from this training experience.

Each corporate training is customized to the company purchasing it. We therefore kindly ask you to contact us for a quote at

It is possible to conduct a Corporate Training entirely web-based.