Advanced Analysis Workshop

PLA 3.0 offers powerful tools for the analysis of your Biological Assays. While the PLA 3.0 Super User Training focusses mainly on the workflow aspects and basic analysis tasks, the Advanced Analysis Workshop reveals much more in-depth details:

Quantitative Response Assays:

  • Response and Dilution Handling
  • Regression Models
  • Potency Estimation
  • ANOVA Models
  • Configuration Optimizer for Parallel-Line Assays
  • Assay and Sample Suitability Tests

Combination Calculations:

  • Reportable Values from Assay Replicates
  • Simple mean calculation vs. combination calculations

Equivalence Margin Development:

  • Challenges with Equivalence Margins according to USP <1032>
  • Development of an Equivalence Test System from historic assay data
  • Challenging a developed Equivalence Test System
  • Simulation of acceptable curve shapes

Assay Monitoring:

  • Control Charts within PLA 3.0

The Advanced Analysis Workshop will help you get the most out of your bioassays.

Who should attend

  • Bioassay scientists
  • Functional administrators
  • Statisticians
  • Template designers
  • Quality and validation professionals

For the training, we kindly ask the participants to bring their own laptop computers. We are going to provide a checklist regarding installation requirements in advance.

How to register for an Advanced Analysis Workshop

To register for a training, please send us an e-mail and request a quote: We also set up an event page with Eventbrite where you'll find the Advanced Analysis Workshops which we are currently offering. Payment options are PayPal and credit card. We will, of course, confirm your booking and send you a proper invoice.

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Advantage for PLA users with active PLA Support Contract: You get a discount on your PLA 3.0 Advanced Analysis Workshop. If you're not sure whether your PLA Support Contract is still active, please write to

What Other PLA Users Are Saying About Our Trainings

I attended the PLA 3.0 Super User Training and Advanced Analysis Workshop in Rockville, MD. I found the training to be highly relevant to our needs in the GMP bioassay environment. The program was very thorough and clear, and was just the right level of difficulty for the typical user. The trainers are highly knowledgeable and among the top experts in this field. The hands on exercises were engaging and very useful to become skilled with the software and its new functions. The upcoming release of the Biological Package 25 discussed in the Advanced Analysis Workshop is a quantum leap in Equivalence Margin development. In summary, I would recommend this excellent training to any of my colleagues.
Edmond M., GSK

The training was very interactive, the discussions and Ralf’s presentations were very helpful for us to learn the power of PLA3.0 as well as to clarify some misunderstandings about the system and sample suitability assessments. I believe this was very helpful for scientists who don’t have extensive training on statistics to understand better how to use PLA3.0 for their relative potency data processing. Thanks again for a very useful training session.
Jin Y., Genocea Biosciences

The Super User Training provided a thorough overview of the new system in an easy to understand manner. Dr. Stegmann tailored the training to audience requirements, making it relevant, interesting and worthwhile. I will be able to use this knowledge to fully optimize how we use the software. This will be very beneficial for our laboratory. Thank you!
Katherine Niedzwiecki

This training is valuable enough, I urge my colleagues to consider taking it twice. Once when you first start working with the software and then again a year later. You will be amazed at what you learn each time.
Laureen L.

The provided Super User Training is key to the success of using PLA 3.0 with the most efficacy and benefit to bioassay support and analysis. The system provides so many options and this training tuned the audience into all of our possibilities. Thank you, Stegmann Systems for providing this training!

The training really helped to understand everything the software is capable of. The training teaches you step by step how to use the software more efficiently and it proves to be very flexible and adaptable to customer needs.
Esmeralda A.