This webinar is for users with no experience in the use of PLA 3.0, with the intention to get a brief and comprehensive introduction to the platform. The webinar focusses mainly on PLA 3.0 basic concepts, working with documents and gives an introduction to the biological assay analysis.

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PLA 3.0 Basics Webinar
May 19, Europe - Middle East - Africa - Asia - Oceania, 1.25h
Frankfurt 8 a.m. / Moscow 9 a.m. / New Delhi 11:30 a.m. / Beijing 2 p.m. / Sydney 4 p.m.
May 20, The Americas - Europe, 1.25h
San Francisco 9 a.m. / Boston 12 a.m. / São Paulo 1 p.m. / Frankfurt 6 p.m.

Please click to open the booking page. Webinar frequency: Twice a week

What are you going to learn?

PLA 3.0 basic concepts
Working with documents
  Introduction into biological assay analysis with PLA 3.0

Key facts

Who should attend?   First-time users of PLA 3.0
Users with no or limited experience in the use of PLA 3.0 for the analysis of biological assays
Duration   1 hour 15 min (1 hour presentation, 15 min. for any questions after the presentation)
Trainings frequency   Twice a week
Where does the training take place?   Virtually via GoToTraining
Who is going to be the trainer?   Dr. Ralf Stegmann (CEO) or
Dr. Matthias Schmitt (Scientific Consultant)
Participant limit   45
Are there trainings for PLA 2.x?   No, we are not offering End User Trainings for PLA 2.x. If you still use PLA 2.x, we can offer you a corporate training.


"The training really helped to understand everything the software is capable of. The training teaches you step by step how to use the software more efficiently and it proves to be very flexible and adaptable to customer needs."

Esmeralda A.
  "The Advanced Analysis Workshop is the excellent training for anyone that is already familiar with the PLA software and wants to use full potential of this great statistic tool."

K. Weitenthaler