This training is for PLA 3.0 end users with the intention to qualify themselves for their daily work with PLA 3.0. The training focusses mainly on documents, document management, data input and the use of templates.

Next Trainings

Dec 07, Asia - Oceania, 3.5h
New Delhi 8:30 a.m. / Beijing 11 a.m. / Sydney 2 p.m.
Dec 08, Europe - Middle East - Africa, 3.5h
Frankfurt 9 a.m. / Moscow 10 a.m. / New Delhi 12:30 p.m.
Dec 08, The Americas, 3.5h
San Francisco 8 a.m. / Boston 11 a.m. / São Paulo 12 p.m.
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What are you going to learn?

Session 1 Documents and Document Management
General introduction to PLA 3.0
Getting into the system
Editing documents
The document concept of PLA
Important document actions
Organizing documents
  Session 2 Data input and templates
Data input
 _Manual data input
 _Data acquisition
 _Data aggregation
Using templates
Important document types
Special topics

Key facts

Who should attend?   End users of PLA 3.0
Duration   3:30 hours (2 sessions 90 min and Q&A)
Trainings frequency   bi-monthly
Where does the training take place?   Virtually via GoToTraining
Who is going to be the trainer?   Dr. Ralf Stegmann (CEO) or
Dr. Matthias Schmitt (Scientific Consultant)
Andre Rölke-Wellmann (Scientific Consultant)
Participant limit   25
What about training certificates?   Each participant will receive a certificate upon completion of the training (attendance is required).
Corporate Trainings' possibility   We offer the PLA 3.0 End User Training for individual participants, but if you wish to use and discuss confidential material during the training session, we also offer the option for a corporate training exclusively for your own company. Read more ...
Are there trainings for PLA 2.x?   No, we are not offering End User Trainings for PLA 2.x. If you still use PLA 2.x, we can offer you a corporate training.


"I really appreciate the quality of this training. It‘s very useful and it gives the bases to become a PLA 3.0 super user."

  "I have appreciated the skilled and pleasant behavior."

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