Brand new PLA Migration & Archiving Toolkit and new PLA 2.1 version

Dear Sir or Madam,

On each major version of PLA, we guarantee a lifecycle of 10 years. During this lifecycle, we released our new PLA 2.1 (build 605) version. As a customer with an active support contract, you can download the latest version from our download archive for free.

As you surely know, PLA 3.0 is the successor of PLA 2.1 and offers many more improved features. If you are still using PLA 2.1 (or a lower version), we recommend that you switch to PLA 3.0 to benefit from all its improvements.

We are aware that switching from PLA 2.x to PLA 3.0 might look like a big deal. Especially when you work in a regulated environment, with validated assays and an archive that goes into the thousands. With the brand-new PLA 3.0 Migration & Archiving Toolkit 1.1.0, you can migrate productive (and validated) PLA 2.x assays to PLA 3.0 faster and easier than ever before. Read more about our PLA 3.0 Migration & Archiving Toolkit.

If you have any further questions, please contact Tanja Farrenkopf our Sales Manager via email.

Best regards
Mathias von Gellhorn
Marketing Manager