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Migrate all your bioassays to PLA 3.0

Dear Sir or Madam,

If you have spent any amount of time with PLA 3.0, you will know that it is superior to PLA 2.x by far. However, switching to PLA 3.0 can be a big deal. Especially when you are working in a regulated environment, with validated assays, and an archive with thousands of documents. With the PLA 3.0 Migration & Archiving Toolkit, the transition to PLA 3.0 is faster and easier than ever before. The assays you created with PLA 2.x are a real asset worth keeping indefinitely. And that's exactly what the Toolkit allows you to do. You will have all your bioassays in one place: PLA 3.0.

With our toolkit, you can migrate productive (and validated) PLA 2.x assays to PLA 3.0. The comparison feature shows you differences in the calculated assays (if any). You will therefore be able to significantly reduce the requalification effort.

We called it 'toolkit' because the program is really a package of several distinct tools, each designed to complete a specific task. This might seem rather complex, but it was necessary because PLA 2.x and PLA 3.0 are two completely different programs, written in different programming languages. They can coexist on the same computer, and you can import PLA 2.x assays into PLA 3.0, turning them into PLA 3.0 assays. But the Toolkit goes several steps further.

By using it to move your PLA 2.x assays to PLA 3.0, you will soon reach a point where you can retire PLA 2.x without losing data. You can still use PLA 2.x for your established assays while at the same time using the PLA 3.0 Migration & Archiving Toolkit to incrementially upgrade your data, thus smoothing your transition process.

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Marketing Manager

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