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Dose-Response Analysis Package - Interpolation, extrapolation of concentrations, analyze the curves and visualize

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are happy to tell you more about our latest functional PLA 3.0 extension. The Dose-Response Analysis Package*.

With this package you can perform dose interpolation/extrapolation of concentrations, analyze the curves, and visualize your results in a report (see Example reports with different use cases).

Use the Package to determine an unknown analyte concentration using interpolation on a calibration curve as well as curve comparison (e.g. assay optimization) and curve analysis. Analyze and visualize your data using different models such as the simple linear or sophisticated sigmoidal model, and powerful tools like the flexible response data processing and configurable test system.

  • Dose interpolation (calibration curve) by using linear or sigmoid regression. Plot the observation data of your standard sample on a calibration curve and determine the unknown concentration of a test sample by interpolation on this curve
  • Curve analysis for standard and test samples. Fit the models of multiple samples individually and independently and compare the curves visually or by examining curve characteristics such as Signal-to-Noise or EC50

The PLA 3.0 Dose-Response Analysis Package provides you with many features and functions to support your daily work and make it easier. See more features ... and check our Preview*

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Mathias von Gellhorn
Marketing Manager

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