January 29, 2019

Latest Release: PLA 3.0.4 SR6 (build 762) and Biological Assay Package 25 (build 1015) - download now

We are pleased to announce the release of PLA 3.0.4. SR6 (build 762) as well as the Biological Assay Package 25 (build 1015). Download for customers: https://www.bioassay.de/support/download-area Download for new customers: https://www.bioassay.de/try-buy/download-free-trial/


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January 14, 2019

PLA 3.0 Next Open Trainings

Training Overview

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December 18, 2018

Apprenticeship for 2019: Apply now.

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July 05, 2018

New Tecan Magellan® Data Acquisition Module

PLA 3.0 Data Acquisition Module for Tecan Magellan® Updated to Support SparkControl Software

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