Brand new Biological Assay Package Version 27 Released

The Biological Assay Package version 27 is available for PLA 3.0.7 and higher. It provides major improvements to the user experience, outlier management, data processing, analysis capabilities, and assay monitoring.

The dashboard and reports received a fresh look with an optimized organization of the results. Streamlined configuration options allow for a setup of analytical methods within minutes.

Stay more flexible with the advanced outlier handling options and get direct visual feedback. The new residual plots support you by revealing differences between the assay data and the regression model.

Explore the new response data processing options, including block-based approaches, data normalization and replicate averaging. You can now also add multiple response data columns to a single Quantitative response assay analysis (e.g., signal data and background noise) and use their difference for analysis. This allows you to keep all data in one place without relying on external tools.

Version 27 further extends the analysis capabilities, bringing you the most powerful tools in one add-on: Inspect regression parameter confidence intervals, covariances and curve-definining characteristics. Interpolate Control lines, obtain the recovery rate of the sample potency, add block effects to the ANOVA, fine-tune the scope of suitability tests, and much more!

Finally, we enhanced the trending possibilities of Control Charts. Discover conspicuous patterns in your assay data by monitoring the test results or curve characteristics including confidence intervals.

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