Elevating user experience, empowering capabilities, and advancing technology

PLA 3.0.7 offers several additions and improvements to the seamless and convenient experience. Discover enhanced keyboard accessibility. We have refined every function to ensure seamless navigation. Take advantage of the improved information about document settings and dialogs. Furthermore, we also updated the PLA 3.0 Knowledge Center: Simply navigate from a major topic to a detailed description of the task you are interested in! As a trial user, you can also look forward to more details on your status, trial extension, and quote request directly in the software.

PLA 3.0.7 also comes with enhanced capabilities when working with documents and analyzing data. Unlock easy and intuitive new functions as you seamlessly integrate new properties into your PLA 3.0 documents, while improving the way you configure and customize them. The refined grouping of creatable document properties provides direct feedback about how such settings are related to each other. This way you can easily identify alternatives, dependencies and autonomous functions. In addition, PLA 3.0.7 has been developed to allow or more new features, add-ons and enhanced statistics in the future. So look forward to more state-of-the-art applications in the future!

Finally, the latest PLA is equipped with the newest technologies to keep your system secure, reliable and performant! You can now provide additional parameters to control the connection to an SQL database. This, for example, allows you to set up Microsoft® Always-On Clustering. With PLA 3.0.7, you can now also export PLA 3.0 documents in the *.edpdp format for use with PLA 3.0.5 and older versions. This, for example, allows contract research organizations to conveniently comply with the demands of their clients. Performance was enhanced in several areas, such as the overall usage of system memory, when generating reports, and when accessing the database.

And the best: PLA 3.0.7 is free* of charge!

*active Support Contract required

Features of PLA 3.0.7

  • Smoother keyboard navigation and accessibility
  • Extended user support
  • Optimized trial user experience
  • Improved grouping of creatable document properties
  • More capabilities for future add-ons
  • New database security and recovery options
  • Expanded compatibility when exporting documents
  • Enhanced performance