Statistical process control with our brand new Control Chart Package

The Control Chart Package allows sophisticated statistical process control by plotting Shewhart I-Charts as recommended in the USP <1010>. Out-of-control data can be detected by defining upper / lower control limits and control rules (Western Electric, Nelson, and user-defined). A status display provides feedback about the impact of a rule violation. Optional features include events to mark changes in the process, sidecharts to contain basic statistics in a box plot, the creation of subcharts for a specific range, and confidence intervals. Moreover, a secondary column can be used to factorize the data series e.g. by an operator. Measurements can be aggregated directly from independent assay runs or from manual input. Read more...

* Please note: The current version of the package is a technology preview. It has not been released yet and has not been finally qualified for use. How to activate the technology preview?

pic.1 - Plotting relative potency with confidence intervals as bars
pic.2 - Plotting relative potency with confidence intervals as area
pic.3 - Visualization of events, including the detection of out-of-control data based on Nelson rule 1 (beyond 3*SD)

Stegmann Systems

Stegmann Systems GmbH has been developing database software solutions at its location in Rodgau, Germany for more than 25 years. Stegmann Systems is the company behind the software products APS and PLA and has currently about 50 employees.

The software APS supports organizations in crosslinking, publishing and organizing numerous data collections and is used by leading archives, museums and scientific institutions.

PLA 3.0

PLA is used by over 700 companies worldwide. Among them are the top 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies together with laboratories, universities, research institutions and regulatory authorities.

The current version PLA 3.0.5 supports the analysis of all types of biological assays and provides a range of biostatistical methods for immunoassays, ELISA, and more. Our PLA 3.0 all-in-one software bundle provides the Biological Assay Package, Dose-Response Analysis Package, Control Chart Package and a fully compliant platform.