Pick the right license for your needs

A variety of different organisations is currently using PLA 3.0: companies large and small, research institutions, regulatory authorities and other governmental and non-profit organisations. So when it comes to licensing options, there is no "one size fits all". We therefore came up with these licensing options, accommodating the needs of our customers as best we can. In each of these licences, the first year of PLA Support Contract is already included.

Seat License

A PLA seat license allows you to install PLA on one designated computer. So if you have three workplaces which should be able to use PLA, you would need to buy three licenses.

Small Business Bundle

For small businesses that only need one PLA Seat License and one Validation Package, we put together a Small Business Bundle. It consists of one PLA Seat License and a Validation Package for usage on one designated computer only.

Concurrent Use License

A Concurrent Use License allows you to install PLA on any computer system in your local company network (license server). Each simultaneous access to PLA 3.0 requires one Concurrent Use License. Every computer running PLA requires access to a license server installed on one computer system within your local company network. Concurrent Use Licenses are also required for using PLA 3.0 on a Terminal Server solution (such as Citrix).

Volume Discounts

If you decide to purchase more than one PLA 3.0 license (seat or concurrent use) we are offering the following discounts:

  • License 2 - 9: 20% Discount on the Full Retail Price
  • License 10 - 24: 40% Discount on the Full Retail Price
  • License 25 and more: 50% Discount on the Full Retail Price


If you would like to use PLA in a non-commercial setting (university, regulatory authority or other governmental bodies, etc.), you can get special discounts on our products. Please contact our sales team by e-mail.