Stay updated and supported with our PLA Support Contract

Ensure you get the most out of your PLA product with our comprehensive Support Contract. From the moment of your purchase, you are covered for the first year. As the expiration date approaches, we will reach out to offer a renewal quote, so you can continue enjoying the extensive benefits without interruption. For your convenience, consider opting for automatic renewal and receive a discount, ensuring seamless, uninterrupted support year after year.

Tiered support levels

Our support system is designed to cater to your needs with two distinct levels:

  • 1st Level Support: Includes technical and installation assistance, available to all users regardless of Support Contract status
  • 2nd Level Support: Exclusively available to active PLA Support Contract holders, this includes advanced statistical and scientific support provided by our expert biostatisticians and (bio-)chemists

Priority assistance and rapid response within 24h

Benefit from our PLA Support Portal, featuring a robust ticketing system. Users with an active Support Contract receive priority handling of their support requests, ensuring responses within one business day.

Complimentary updates

Active Support Contract holders are entitled to:

  • Free updates to all PLA systems (both minor and major versions)
  • Free updates for licensed add-ons (both minor and major versions)
  • Free updates for custom add-ons (on demand)