Import *.txt  *.csv  *.tsv  and other text formats to PLA 3.0

Use all of your data and don't lose any, with our Text Data Acquisition Module you import data from all TXT-files to PLA 3.0. Benefit from complete flexibility with powerful configuration options. Customize your data import process to your specific needs. Easily define the encoding and number format of the text file. Easily define the exact position and size of the data set within the text file, and how to handle invalid values. You can rest assured that data integrity is a top priority in the development of our module. The audit trail in PLA 3.0 carefully tracks every change made to the document. You can be confident in the reliability and traceability of your imported data.

Discover the potential of this add-on and optimize your data analysis. Experience seamless import, unmatched configurability, and unparalleled data integrity - all with the power of PLA 3.0.