Import *.wsp *.mth formats to PLA 3.0

Our solution puts you in control of the Tecan plate reader software and enables seamless integration (direct solution) of the resulting data for optimized analysis. Alternatively, with our distributed solution, you can retrieve data direct from storage locations, such as shares, clouds or USB sticks, and are no longer directly tied to a disk reader, time and location. Data integrity is our top priority. Every imported record can therefore be accurately tracked in the audit trail, ensuring total traceability and giving you peace of mind.

Direct solution

  • PLA 3.0 directly controls the reader
  • Data being fetched directly from the reader offers the highest possible security
  • Run Magellan method files
  • Automatic process (no manual interaction)
  • Immediate execution
  • Fully compliant

Distributed solution

  • PLA 3.0 does not control the plate reader, the data is retrieved from a storage location
  • The Tecan plate reader(s), the computer with the Magellan software and the computer with PLA 3.0 on it do not need a direct connection to each other
  • Both (Tecan plate reader and PLA 3.0) work independently (place & time) of each other
  • Import data from Magellan workspace files
  • Flexible execution
  • Support multiple Magellan installations
  • Supports distributed laboratory environment