PLA 3.0 supports through its extensibility (add-ons) the plate reader control and its direct import of data, as well as the import of Microsoft Excel® formats and all common text formats. Of course, PLA 3.0 offers you configuration profiles to conveniently import your data.

First you have activated the desired data import extensibility (add-on) in the validated PLA 3.0 environment (read more about validation). Then you can control the plate reader and read the data directly out of it(1). Otherwise, you read the data from a file on your computer or your network and import it into the PLA 3.0 database. Besides, you will never lose track of your data! All data imported is stored with traceability information: timestamp, user, original value, details of the source file and import setup (read more about traceability). After importing the data to PLA 3.0 you can define if it can be changed at all or if a change requires an explanation. 

(1) Depending on the option granted by the plate reader manufacturer. 

Supported plate readers - Unlock the full potential of your data

Supported file formats

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Your reader or format is missing? We are constantly developing more import modules for other sources or develop directly for you according to your needs.

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