Got questions around the purchase of PLA? We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions on buying, getting an evaluation copy, upgrading and licensing PLA.

Where can I buy PLA 3.0?

PLA is directly available from Stegmann Systems. Please direct your purchase order to our sales team at


We currently have resellers in Korea and Japan. Please contact us for details.

What about volume discounts?

We offer volume discounts for our PLA Base System. For details contact our sales team at or at +49 (6106) 770100.

Do you offer special non-commercial pricing options?

Yes. If you plan to use PLA 3.0 in a non-commercial setting (university, regulatory authority or other governmental bodies) we grant special discounts on our products. Please contact our sales team at or at +49 (6106) 770100.

Do you offer trial copies of PLA 3.0?

Yes! You can download a free, fully functional 14-day trial version of PLA from this web site.

How long is the trial period?

The trial period is 14 days. It can be extended if necessary.

My trial period has expired. Can I get an extension?

Please contact our sales team at and we will send you a 14-day trial extension.

Can I upgrade my trial copy to the full retail version?

There is no difference between the trial copy and the full retail version. For unlocking your trial copy you simply receive a protection key.

What does "Service Release" mean?

A Service Release (SR) fixes minor issues of the PLA 3.0 base system. All interfaces and optional components (such as Data Acquisition Modules) will continue to function as before.