Archiving PLA 2.x Assays

Before you retire your PLA 2.x installation and switch to PLA 3.0, you want to make sure that all your assays remain accessible no matter what. That is what the PLA Archiving Assistant will do for you.

To set up the PLA Migration & Archiving Toolkit, you will need to add a small number of files to your PLA 2.x installation manually. Existing files will not be altered. It is important to know that the PLA 3.0 MAT will do nothing that might compromise your validated PLA installation. Therefore, your PLA 2.x installation remains validated.

The PLA 3.0 Migration & Archiving Toolkit transfers your PLA 2.x data in three forms: assay data, calculated assay and report. The software also calculates every assay as it archives it. Your assay data will not change in the process. Even errors in your original data will remain unchanged.

So in case you face an inspection, either by your inhouse quality control or by external agencies, you won’t have to look further than your PLA 3.0 installation to find everything you need.