Synchronizing PLA 2.x assays with PLA 3.0

Archiving your PLA 2.x data can be a one-time event. But that might not be the most comfortable way for every user. Especially if those assays you would like to move to PLA 3.0 are still productive. To make the transition from PLA 2.x to PLA 3.0 as smooth as possible, the Migration & Archiving Toolkit lets you to import your productive assays incrementally. We call this feature synchronizing.

On the first run, the software will copy the assays on a per project base. It allows you to synchronize all or only selected PLA 2.x projects with PLA 3.0. Initially, it copies all assays of the projects in question. On every subsequent run, it is going to transfer only new or changed PLA 2.x assays.

Synchronizing makes sense when you want to continue working with PLA 2.x while you are preparing to switch to PLA 3.0. Please note that synchronizing only works one way. It is not possible to move PLA 3.0 data to PLA 2.x.